Divorce Options® Seminars

The first thing to understand when you are facing divorce is that there are many ways to go about it. CPEB offers webinars, called Divorce Options®, once a month designed to help you understand the choices available to you, including the benefits and limitations of each dispute resolution method or model.

Our informative, in-depth Divorce Options® program is presented as a participatory Zoom webinar once every month by a team of experienced professionals usually consisting of a divorce lawyer, a financial advisor, and a family counselor. Pre-registration is required to receive the Zoom invitation and enables us to contact you in advance to inform you of any changes in the time or manner of presentation of the program.

Divorce Options® workshops are designed for all individuals and couples in California who are:
  • contemplating separation or divorce,
  • married, domestic partners, cohabitating or co-parenting,
  • same or opposite gender,
  • with or without children.

Online Due to COVID-19


The usual program time is 3:00pm to 6:00pm on the second Wednesday of each month.


There is no charge. Pre-registration is required to receive Zoom link.


Zoom conference. You must pre-register to receive emailed invitation link.

The options for marital dissolution range from “do-it-yourself” divorce, to Mediation, Collaborative Practice, or traditional legal representation. The webinar is designed to help you understand the pros and cons of these different methods of dispute resolution, in order to intelligently decide what will work best in your situation, for you, and your family. At a Divorce Options® webinar, you will also be provided with an overview of the divorce process generally, the effect of divorce on children, and information about some of the common legal, financial, psychological, and social issues of divorce. Divorce Options® programs are also offered on other dates throughout California.