Collaborative Practice is ideal for couples and families who want to make the process of divorce or estate planning as respectful as possible. It handles these issues with discretion and integrity so that you emerge with your self-respect and essential family connections intact. The outcomes are determined by the people most effected, the people in the room. Collaborative Practice helps you stay focused on what’s truly important.


Too often, divorce becomes a declaration of war. And, when children are involved, they may feel the hurt the deepest and the longest. Collaborative professionals work with both parents to arrive at a solution which is best for everyone.

It works because it includes:

  • A pledge not to go to court
  • An honest exchange of information by both spouses
  • A solution that takes into account the highest priorities of both spouses and their children
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Estates & Trusts

Collaborative professionals work with parents, to set up estate plans which ensure cooperation among their heirs long after they’re gone, and children, to resolve disputes arising from inheritance issues.

The collaborative process:

  • Defuses conflict
  • Preserves privacy
  • Conserves assets
  • Builds better family relationships
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What Clients Say

“The wonderful support and advice from my collaborative team gave me the confidence to make realistic, sensible decisions for myself and the kids. Thank you.”
Carol P., Client
My coach helped me focus on the important stuff, so I was able to think clearly and get my point across. It actually worked.
Lisa S., Client
The settlement we worked out would not have been possible in court. I feel that both of us came out better because of the collaborative process.
Scott D., Client
The two attorneys worked together so cooperatively; they were great role models. As a result, the tone of our meetings was very positive, and we were able to focus on problem solving, instead of fighting.
Jason R., Client
Both of us were most concerned about the children. With strong support from our collaborative lawyers and coaches, we put together a terrific parenting plan that works for the kids and for each of us.
Rachel H., Client
Collaborative law can result in an agreed upon resolution that is less expensive [than litigation], less hostile and more creative. The choices you make now can have an enormous impact on you and your children for the rest of you life.
The Honorable Donna J. Hitchens, Supervising Judge, Unified Family Court, Superior Court of California, County of San Francisco
I recommend Collaborative Family Law for those who are separating or divorcing. It provides legal, financial, and personal support that protects and guides people through the difficult transition with safety, fairness, dignity and privacy.
The Honorable Aviva Bobb, Supervising Family Law Judge, Los Angeles Superior Court
To me the fact that we can go to the collaborative process and empower the people, the litigants, the parties, to make their decisions, to grab control of their future as opposed to come in, say all the bad things they can and hope the judge rules their way. I think this is the front edge of the wave and I predict in ten years this will be the norm.
The Honorable W. Ross Foote, 9th Judicial District Court, Louisiana